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We developed IPv6Suite as an open source OMNeT++ model suite for accurate simulation of IPv6 protocols and networks as part of the ATcrc activities (ATcrc is now closed and we don't work with IPv6Suite anymore, therefore it does not compile with the current installations of OMNeT++, and probably spending time will not be feasible to improve it. My recommendation is to start working with INETFramework, and add the necessary functionality into it). IPv6Suite extended the INETFramework by adding the models for the simulation of the functionality of the following RFCs:

and the following Internet Drafts: and also has models for the following standards to simulate wireless LANs: With IPv6Suite, it is possible for a fixed node to have MIPv6 behaviour i.e. detaching and reattaching to a different subnet (requires additional code for fixed node transitions), we were not interested in this scenario so the MIPv6 behaviour may/may not work in this case. Patches are welcome.

It was a substantial undertaking. We have written lots of C++ code (I would say unnecessarily too much!).


We have used the IPv6Suite for the following research projects:

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