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IPv6Suite (with INET) Installation


Install this only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise use the previous version (the next section below the long dark line) as this version has not been tested by other users.


  1. Download tar bundle IPv6SuiteWithINET-20060809.tar.bz2.
  2. Untar the bundle into a directory (say $HOME/oppsim), you should now have a subdirectory called IPv6SuiteWithINET-[CVSdate] under the $HOME/oppsim directory.
  3. Run cmake as follows from inside the directory IPv6SuiteWithINET-[CVSdate] i.e. cmake .
  4. make

To regenerate the CMakeLists.txt file to include your new ned files or directories go inside directory IPv6SuiteWithINET-[CVSdate] and do (ruby required)

ruby Etc/scripts/CMakeListGen.rb . INET

  1. Download the gzipped tar bundle: IPv6SuiteWithINET-20060119.tgz
  2. Untar the bundle into a directory (say $HOME/oppsim), you should now have a subdirectory called IPv6SuiteWithINET under the $HOME/oppsim directory.
  3. cd $HOME/oppsim/IPv6SuiteWithINET
  4. Look inside the file INSTALL and follow the steps mentioned there.
  5. Further information can be found on the OMNeT++ Wiki IPv6SuiteWithINET area

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