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The "Pizzeria": CTIE's Linux Cluster

The systems are (Blue in image above: Sun LX50 - Shut down for good in 2010!!!) and Sun Fire V65x [shutdown August 2012]

Replaced by

Two newer sun systems (ex-grid) romana, napoletana as well as two Dell dual xeon 48gb ram systems aussie and pepperoni - much much faster.

Nov 2010: Mammoth has been turned off with taking over duties as the primary nfs server.

Aug 2012 Update

As there hasn't been much demand for the older sun fire v65x hosts, they have all been shutdown.

That leaves aussie, pepper, nap and romana as local developer nodes. If they aren't fast enough for you, please contact Monash [][eResearch Centre High Performance Computing]] about the Monash Sun Grid.

Backup is performed by rsync to LARDS so if you want to keep files forever zip them into a file with a date in the name and drop them into a directory you won't accidentally delete. Work on the assumption that any file you delete or overwrite will vanish after maximum of 30 days [but before that there will be at least 4 copies on tape!. Belts and Braces backup means that there is also a week old copy of files on pepperoni

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