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Some thoughts on remote controlling multiple Windows PCs

There are multiple components to this problem. At least four parts:

1. Communicating with remote computers

I've had some success using FreeSSHD. It creates an SSH server on a Windows box, with simple login/authentication, and can be run as a Windows service. Points to consider

Communication can be achieved using putty or any other SSH client tool. A command line version of putty is available: plink. This lets you run commands on a remote computer and intercept the output at your own prompt.

2. Master scripting engine

The 'boss' computer needs to be able to run some script that sends commands to a whole bunch of computers. powershell is an obvious choice for this. A wrapper can be written for plink to turn it into a semi-native powershell command (do some googling). has a good example of this (Invoke-QaSshCmd computername command). So, it's likely that the 'boss' PC would run powershell, and the lab pcs run freeSSHD servers but utilise the standard cmd.exe prompt (they don't need local scripting).

3. File transfer

Freeftpd is a sister project to freesshd and looks like it would let you run a server with SFTP login or similar. PSFTP is a command line program by the author of putty that can login to SFTP servers, and using the -b switch can run a batch of commands (i.e.: login, change remotedir to log files, change localdir to storage, retrieve logfiles, disconnect).

4. Remote software

The remote software can be whatever you want, as long as it runs at the command line and can log to disk to some SFTP accessible location. It would probably be handy to add the program's location to the windows PATH variable, so that you don't have to muck around finding it when you log in remotely before running it.

-- DavidMcKechnie - 10 Feb 2009

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