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The Centre for Telecommunications and Information Engineering (CTIE)


CTIE has been formally closed as a centre, but the staff are still active - please see ECSE Research web pages for more up to date information.

High Performance Computing Research

CTIE uses high performance computers and conducts research into high performance computing. Application specific computing is a current focus of research.
    Professor G.K. Egan was the Director of CTIE.  His research interests included the design, programming and application of high-performance parallel and distributed computer architectures; special purpose and alternative computer architectures.
A lot of the simulation work in the department need high performance computing or simulation on large clusters and CTIE has a suitable development environment as well as access to major compute clusters. An example of the processing power available is the Playstation Ccluster in Building 35 which provides dedicated application specific processing for one PhD research scholar.
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